A Duo of Debuts at Starr Vaughn

The show grounds at Starr Vaughn Equestrian in Elk Grove were showing their autumn colors off in fine style last weekend. Rachel debuted Kristina Tomalesky’s Lemuria at 3rd level with a 64%.  Also, Rachel and Marcus stepped out with their 4th level freestyle for the first time, earning over 65%. Everyone had a great time, and Marcus obviously loves having a theme song!

Rachel and Chakotay head down the centerline

Congratulations to Rachel and Chakotay on their first outing together!


Rachel took Chakotay out for his 4th level debut, and their first outing as a team at the Gilroy Gaits show this past weekend. They had fun, learned a lot, and are looking forward to their next show. Great job guys!

Kip and Pam at I1

Congratulations to Pam Nootbaar and Kip on their Intermediare 1 debut at Yarra Yarra, earning a 61.7%! A great achievement for this pair, and many thanks to Team Kip including, but not limited to, Heidi Gaian, Steve Wiberg, Bayhill Equine, and Tamara Yates. What happy faces these two have!

2017 March Kip I1

Woodside Finale

RW Dressage had a great time at the Woodside Finale show.

Rachel and Larraine Beal’s Marcus earned scores to 65% at 4/3, despite Marcus’s confusion as to why Rachel wouldn’t agree to gallop through the canter work, and Rachel piloted Pam Nootbar’s Delamango to a 69% at 1/1 and 66% at 1/2. Pam and Kip received a 65% on their Third level freestyle and Mey and Tiger earned a 66% at 1/3.

Congratulations all!


Successful Summer Show

Another great show this last weekend at Woodside!

Pam earned her highest score on her 4th level Freestyle (66%) with a crowd of devoted Kennolyn followers watching. Not to be outdone, Annette and Mey earned qualifying scores and blue ribbons at 3rd and 1st level respectively. Pam’s Delamango survived his very first horse show with Rachel, also earning some good qualifying scores at First level. Larraine’s Marcus was super, and is starting to get a hang of 4/3, earning over 66% on Sunday. 

Great job everyone!


Wonderful Woodside Weekend

RW Dressage had a fantastic show this weekend at Woodside Spring Dressage.

Mey and Tiger started off strong on the first day scoring 68% and 69% at First level and kept their momentum going to end up with two scores of 71% before the weekend was over. On Friday Rachel scored a 70% at Third level on Annette’s lovely mare Ruby, and Annette rode Ruby over the weekend for scores of 68% and 69% also at Third level. Maxy also received all qualifying scores at First Level.

Rachel and Marcus had a successful weekend at Fourth Level Test 3 earning their best score yet, 68.6%. To top it all off, longtime client Pam earned her Prix St Georges scores to complete the requirements for her Silver Medal. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done!

Update: Congratulations to Annette and Ruby for earning Upper Level Amateur High Point Reserve Champion. Way to go!

RW Dressage at Gilroy Gaits

We had a lovely time showing and a lot of ‘firsts’ this weekend Gilroy Gaits. Annette had a great first show ever with her 7-year-old mare Ruby and won her classes at Third level. Not to be outdone, Mey won her debuts at First level on Tiger and got a 72% and an ‘8’ under rider. Marcus and Rachel also had a successful debut of 4-2 this weekend coming in 1st and 2nd in their classes. Way to go everyone!