Kicking off 2019

RW Dressage had a terrific first show of the 2019 season at Rancho Murieta last weekend. On Friday Ruby and Rachel were second in the Open PSG with a 67%, and Bo and Rachel were second in Open 1-3 with a 69%. Over the weekend, two pairs debuted at Prix St. George with solid performances: Rachel and Larraine Beal’s Marcus competed in the Open division and Annette rode her Ruby in the Adult Amateur division. With their own debut, Pam and her Bo showed their first tests together earning scores to 67% at 1-3. Maxine and her Echo also had a successful show, earning qualifying scores at 3-2.

Congratulations to everyone on a great weekend!



Bronze Medalists

Two new Bronze medalists in the barn! Huge congratulations to Kristina Tomalesky and Maxine Hladky for earning their Bronze medals on their horses Lem and Echo. Great job!

PEC Show

RW Dressage headed up to Wilton last weekend for a show at the Pacific Equestrian Center. Rachel had successful outings with Annette Siegel’s Fleur Rubin (Ruby) at PSG and Larraine Beal’s Markant van de Noeste Hoeve (Marcus) at 4th level, bringing home blue ribbons from each ride.


Clients Kristina, Emma, and Maxine had a rewarding weekend as well, all earning qualifying scores. Maxine and her Sierra Echo rode at 3rd level and received Maxine’s final score for her Bronze medal, Emma put in solid tests her first time out at 4th level with her Wasabi to make progress towards her Silver medal, and Kristina and her Lemuria earned scores to 67% at 2nd level to complete Kristina’s Bronze medal scores.

Congratulations to all on a great weekend and a great show season!

Successful show in the sun

Huge congratulations to Kristina Tomalesky and her mare Lemuria for a strong showing at Rancho Murieta last weekend. They earned qualifying scores at 3rd level with continuous improvement each day and were in the ribbons in each class.


Anette Siegel’s Ruby had solid tests this weekend as well. She and Rachel placed in the top 3 in three out of four classes (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) in a competitive field of Prix St George pairs.


Larraine Beal’s Marcus danced to his freestyle music earning scores to 67.3%, blue ribbons, and much applause from his fan club – his most favorite part!


It was a rewarding week that saw each partnership grow and learn, and, most importantly, everyone had a great time!


Starr Vaughn Show

We had a fun weekend at Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center. Sally Hamilton Phillips earned all qualifying scores at First Level on her lovely Remy at their first Dressage Show. Annette Cholon Siegel’s beautiful mare Ruby also earned all qualifying scores at Prix St George, and she and Rachel learned much about what to work on for next time. Larraine Beal’s Marcus had a great second day, earning a 68.6% on his 4th level freestyle… was a nice recovery after literally putting the “free” in freestyle the day before! Congrats to everyone for a job well done!

Kicking off 2018 at Rancho Murieta

Despite the pouring rain the first day, RW Dressage had a fantastic time at the Golden State Dressage March Madness show over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Everyone, horse and human, learned so much and can’t wait to do it again!

Huge congratulations to Kristina Tomalesky for riding her first Third level tests, earning qualifying scores, and placing 2nd and 5th with her mare Lemuria.

Rachel also had a successful show with Annette Siegel’s Fleur Rubin (Ruby) and Larraine Beal’s Markant van de Noeste Hoeve (Marcus). Ruby stepped out at Prix St George for the first time, earning scores to 68.5% and placing 2nd and 1st in large classes.

Marcus got to entertain the crowd in the big indoor with his 4th level Macklemore freestyle earning scores to 67%. He loves his dance music and is looking forward to his next centerline.

A Duo of Debuts at Starr Vaughn

The show grounds at Starr Vaughn Equestrian in Elk Grove were showing their autumn colors off in fine style last weekend. Rachel debuted Kristina Tomalesky’s Lemuria at 3rd level with a 64%.  Also, Rachel and Marcus stepped out with their 4th level freestyle for the first time, earning over 65%. Everyone had a great time, and Marcus obviously loves having a theme song!