PEC Show

RW Dressage headed up to Wilton last weekend for a show at the Pacific Equestrian Center. Rachel had successful outings with Annette Siegel’s Fleur Rubin (Ruby) at PSG and Larraine Beal’s Markant van de Noeste Hoeve (Marcus) at 4th level, bringing home blue ribbons from each ride.


Clients Kristina, Emma, and Maxine had a rewarding weekend as well, all earning qualifying scores. Maxine and her Sierra Echo rode at 3rd level and received Maxine’s final score for her Bronze medal, Emma put in solid tests her first time out at 4th level with her Wasabi to make progress towards her Silver medal, and Kristina and her Lemuria earned scores to 67% at 2nd level to complete Kristina’s Bronze medal scores.

Congratulations to all on a great weekend and a great show season!